Experience The Following Animals Ideal For Reptile/Rainforest Topics !!
The animals usually consist of :
• Snake  (royal python)
• Bearded Dragon
• Tortoise
• Plated Lizard
• Corn Snake
• Giant millipede
• Baby Snakes (various)
Our  Mobile Reptile Experience is an ideal way of exposing children to the delights of these fascinating animals from Bearded Dragons, Snakes, Tortoises, Giant Millipede plus many more reptiles. It is a exciting 1 day experience set up at your own venue. We discuss where in the world the animals come from, habitats ,diets  and a load more interesting facts about these cold blooded animals. This Experience is becoming really popular:
The Mobile Farm Experience Brings The Animals To You !!
The Mobile farmyard Experience – A hands on farm experience in the safe environment of your own setting without the expense or hassle of organising an external  trip out. You book the farm and we bring everything to you.

Why Are Reptiles Important?

Reptiles are important because they fill a vital role in the food web, acting as pollinators and controlling pests. Reptiles are predators to some animals and prey for others, making them a critical component in the ecosystem.

Mobile farm Benefits

There are extensive benefits  inviting Bowland Animal Experience to come along to your venue with our  farm animals. We talk about the animals, what role they play on the farm, their diets , habitats etc……We are a working Farm who are passionate about our animals.

Book Early

Due to the popularity of our Mobile Farm and Mobile Reptile visits we recommend you book early. We occasionally have the odd last minute date free, but this is getting far less frequent. We love what we do and hopefully you will too.

A few little facts

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